Today’s digital marketer is under pressure to push more content out to market at increasingly rapid rates. Every day is a new opportunity to connect with prospective customers, and every opportunity requires fresh content to make that connection.

However, there are thousands of digital marketers just like you attempting to forge relationships with those same users by creating content of their own. To put it bluntly, you have a ton of competition out there and only seconds to capture people’s attention.

Here are some interesting behavioural stats that should impact your plans for content.

1. 85% of 18-49 year olds consume content on multiple devices at once, according to a study jointly conducted by Google and Ipsos Connect

2. 51% of all recorded video plays are on mobile devices, activity that continues to rise year over year

3. 4 in 5 consumers say a how-to video demonstrating a product’s functions or capabilities is important to them

People want more visualised content, and they want to browse at their own convenience on any number of devices. High demand means high expectations, and your digital marketing team needs enough content to connect with today’s tuned-in consumer.

You Need Content That Captures People’s Attention

People can interact with your content on a variety of different platforms. That means you have ample opportunities to bring those consumers into your brand’s orbit.

Here’s the thing.

Studies have shown that human attention spans have shrunk to approximately 8 seconds. Scientists say that we as a human species are now less attentive than a common goldfish. You need to keep those behavioral habits in mind as you develop your own content.

If a person’s attention span is only 8 seconds, do you really want to spend hours, days, weeks, or even months developing a piece of content? Are you confident an individual piece of your brand’s content can incentivize viewers to take action in only a matter of seconds?

As a digital marketer, you have enough pressure to create new leads and generate new business opportunities for your company. You shouldn’t have to worry about the disparity between the amount of time you spend creating content, and the amount of time people spend interacting with that content.

Technology Helps You Create Content at Faster Rates

While we as creative marketers like to think highly of our capabilities, there are certain things technology will always do better than we can. Agile processes to develop creative content will always be more scalable and more efficient through technology than under human-driven processes.

Here’s an example of traditional, non-technological creative workflows.

As you can see, there are multiple steps and different levels of approval involved in human-driven content creation workflows. The common challenges among them all are long turnaround times, limited creative opportunities, and expensive costs to truly scale.

Technology solves these challenges by streamlining workflows, allowing your entire creative network to provide creative ideas for content. This is a far more agile and scalable solution to create on-brand content.

These are 3 key benefits of accelerating your speed to market with content through technology.

1. Generate More Awareness From Your Audience

Research indicates that users post over 300 million photos to Facebook while thousands of brands share updates from their own social accounts on a regular basis. You’re competing against every single provider of content for the attention of your targeted consumer.

You need to make your content stand out from those millions of updates as fast as possible, and centralized content creation solutions are the best option to deliver on those demands.

You also need the right types of content to get people’s attention. Visuals are the preferred content type for a growing number of brands and with good reason. An infographic created by the team at KISSmetrics summarizes why visual content is so powerful.

2. Shorten the Time to Promote Fresh Content

Visual content captures people’s attention, especially in mobile or social news feeds. There’s so much content cluttering up those feeds that it’s very easy for each new piece of content to blur together in the eyes and the minds of the viewers.

That’s why you need to accelerate the speed you go to market with fresh content. The more that you can feature your brand at or near the top of those news feeds increases your potential of capturing the limited attention spans of new or existing customers.

Technology reduces the amount of time between content ideation to content delivery and promotion. As you lessen the time required to create your content, you can increase the amount of time devoted towards promotions and bringing new people into your brand’s orbit.

3. Increase Brand Recall With Consistently On-Brand Content

Given that on-brand content clearly moves the needle on brand recall, it makes perfect sense to create as much of that content as possible. You need a solution that pushes more content to market, increase your company’s digital visibility, and ultimately improve people’s abilities to recall your brand identity.

Technology streamlines your content creation process, without sacrificing quality, so you can go to market with more content at faster rates. Use a centralized content creation solution to expand the reach of your digital marketing team across all corners of the world. Enhancing your existing team’s capabilities results in more fresh authentic content at faster rates.