Name: Lucinda Pikkat

Category: Fashion and Travel

This week in Micro-Influencer Spotlight, we chat with the incredible Lucinda Pikkat.

Read more to get a glimpse of her work as micro-influencer, her content inspiration and tips for influencers trying to get into the market.

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Tell us a bit about your background

I am the founder of SNOWLUXE, an online platform dedicated to showcasing the latest trends and styles in ski culture! (Check out @snowluxe on insta!)

Describe a typical work day for you?

I work from home so get the gym out of the way and then am in my home office by 8:30/9am. I spending the first part of the morning trending huntings and sourcing global product that could be shared on SNOWLUXE. I found it's a nice thing to do first up with a coffee. I then jump on emails - usually liaising with ski brands re collaborations. Then spend the arvo curating our insta page and writing articles for the website.

Where do you get your content inspiration?

I have a stack of trend/popular culture pages bookmarked which I look at each morning. Social media is also good to find smaller unknown brands. We try and be first to market with ski info so we can't just rely on what other people have spoken about. So trawling brands and getting out to resorts as much as possible help.

Do you have any tips for influencers looking to market themselves on social media?

It's easier said than done to be authentic and your true self. I find it difficult opening up and offering a glimpse into my life but that is what people are after. My main tip is not to worry about what other people think and spend time to think about WHY people go to your page. What's your added value? Do they come for style Inspo? Make up inspo? Figure that out first.

What’s your favourite – Instagram or Snapchat?

INSTA! I don't even have Snapchat.

We love following your journey, what can we expect to see from you over the next year?

Still on the gram and hopefully posting daily,  inspiring content. I hope over the next year my @snowluxe account overtakes my own instagram!