Name: Chris Raymond

Category: Fashion and Lifestyle

This week in Micro-Influencer Spotlight, we chat with Melbourne based photographer Chris Raymond.

Read more to get a glimpse of his work as micro-influencer, his content inspiration and tips for influencers trying to get into the market.

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Tell us a bit about your background?

Iā€™m a retail store manager as my main profession, so I focus heavily on the fashion aspect of things. As a side project - Iā€™m a product, lifestyle and fashion photographer. I love showcasing my fashion sense and things I find interesting to my viewers

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One thing I miss the most is taking photos

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Describe a typical work day for you?

Usually, if Iā€™m invited to do a mini photo shoot, I gear my outfit and make sure the brands Iā€™m representing are clean and presentable. Afterwards, I edit my own photos and carefully curate my feed as how I like things to be presented for my viewers

Where do you get your content inspiration?

Most of my inspiration comes from other social media influencers. I spend a divided amount of time searching for content that appeals to me and use that for future reference.

Do you have any tips for influencers looking to market themselves on social media?

Be original, be unique and most importantly, find your target audience. Post content you want others to look at, not what other influencers are posting. Originality is key!

We love following your journey, what can we expect to see from you over the next year?

Hopefully becoming bigger with a broader audience. I hope to work with brands and travel a little to incorporate my love for traveling.

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