Name: Lauren Patterson

Category: Fashion and Fitness

This week in Influencer Spotlight, we chat with the gorgeous Lauren Patterson.

Read more to get a glimpse of her work as an influencer, her content inspiration and tips for influencers trying to get into the market.

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What is the coolest thing your life as a social media celebrity has allowed you to do?
Head to the Australian Open and the highlight, getting to interview John Cena. I am also very grateful to be able to give the kids experiences and things that I would not normally be able to afford as a solo mum.

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Here’s a true story: When I was 18, I had been battling severe depression for over a year. I never told anyone how bad it was to feel sad all the time, I never explained to anyone that I’d forgotten what happiness felt like and most of all, I never really asked for help. Then one day after an argument, I walked into the garage and drank something I knew would end my life. I shouldn’t be here. Suicide effects more than just you, it affects everyone around you. Although my attempt failed, I have forever scarred my folks from finding me unconscious on my bedroom floor, the ambulance sirens that mum heard and saw hoping it wasn’t for me just to find out it was and the hospital visit. I lost so many friends, I scared the living shit out of everyone and would never wish the thought of not wanting to live on anyone. Life can get better if you ask for help. Those voices that tell you that you shouldn’t be here don’t have to make a permanent home in your mind. YOU ARE LOVED, YOU ARE CARED ABOUT, YOU ARE HERE FOR A REASON. Today, looking at me you’d never know my story just by looking at me. I have been alive for over a decade, raised two beautiful babies and will make it my mission every single day to make those who battle darkness in their minds make sure they know that they have a place in this world. IT AIN’T WEAK TO SPEAK.

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Describe a typical work day for you?
4am wakeup, personal training clients, breakfast, packing lunches and school runs, back home for more admin, school run and back home for more clients, cooking dinner for the kids and home work!

What's one thing about you that your followers would never guess?
I'm just like them. Unfortunately sometimes people think that I live a high life with fancy things and forget that I sometimes struggle to pay my bills, just like them. My car is also 11 years old and doesn't have functioning air conditioning.

Where is the most beautiful city you have ever visited and why?
I don't often get to travel and have never been overseas, so Melbourne was a big highlight for me because I am from country Victoria and haven't visited for decades.

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Being the fitness industry I can sometimes feel the pressure to be a certain way. Whether it be smaller, bigger, leaner, musclier or just rock a killer rig 24/7, and at those times I’ll be pretty hard on myself. Then I think, wait, who’s actually putting that pressure on me? Simple answer, ME. Dickhead. Each time you tell yourself you need to look a certain way, is it because someone said so, or because you just think you have to be? I bet your answer is that little voice in your head who tends to be a bit of bitch sometimes. Remember that the way we talk to ourselves reflects on how see ourselves. Be nicer to yourself, LOVE yourself and let yourself have an Amy Schumer moment when you look in the mirror and say “FUCK YEAH!”.

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We love following your journey, what can we expect to see from you over the next year?
I have big goals to achieve and I will stop at nothing to tick them off. I want to grow the awareness with mental health and travel, speaking to schools and business about the collaboration between health, fitness and mental health.